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Helping you find, empower and showcase your Sustainability and Social Good champions.

We help you discover what matters most to your staff and facilitate their engagement with your ESG strategy.


We provide the tools and techniques to help you find, train, empower and showcase ESG Champions - individuals within your organisation with ideas, stories and values about Environmental and Social issues.

Watch a short introduction that explains the ESG Champions ethos and how your organisation can benefit. 

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Why do you need us?

Environmental and social issues are increasingly important to businesses and employees alike - but it can be hard to know how to effectively engage your people in the required changes and inevitable challenges of ESG.  

ESG Champions is a program which enables ESG, CSR and HR managers to enrol and train a team of employees who care about sustainable and social issues; giving them the skills and confidence to become role models and champions for important issues within your business. 

We help you find the social issues that staff really care about and then help to empower and develop these individuals to become future leaders, ambassadors and champions for these initiatives.


Through the use of real and relatable personal stories we can establish better communication and engagement with initiatives amongst your employees with wider improvements in both culture and interpersonal skills as a result. This helps your staff communicate new ideas, especially around challenging environmental and social topics.


How do we help?

Having experience running TEDx speaker development programs, we provide training to your ESG Champion to enable and empower them to effectively share the environmental and social ideas, stories and values which matter most to them.


These ideas are then captured and packaged up as video assets. A company representative is then filmed responding and adding to the ideas discussed by the ESG Champion.


Using our experience as a video production company working with many corporate clients, these videos are combined and packaged up to form both engaging, inspiring and informative video content which can then be shared both internally and externally.


These videos provide the opportunity for the company to both showcase and communicate the ESG Champions and the environmental and social ideas that matter to them, and therefore matter to the business; all while demonstrating the companies commitment to giving their employees a voice.

Sea Pollution

Our track record

We have several years of experience in the media industry, providing media coaching, presenter-led storytelling, CSR video production, curation of TEDx events and fronting community engagement campaigns.  


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ESG Facts


Number of CEO's who believe their company performs well for social issues


Potential increase in operating profits by ESG strategies


Number of Asset Managers who say ESG is a high priority


Number of ESG propositions making a positive impact


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